Permanent offer:

  • Garlic soup wit smoked meat and cheese
  • Cabbage soup with cream
  • "Schnitzel" (pork) with bread
  • Beef tartare with toast
  • "Olomoucké tvarůžky" (matured cheese) tartare with toast
  • Toast with vegetables and chicken
  • Onion rings with herb dressing
  • "Škvarky" (traditional spread of bacon) with bread
  • "Nakládaný hermelín" (pickled blue cheese) with bread
  • "Utopenec" (pickled sausage with onion) and bread
  • Chips salted or mustard



  • Pilsen 12°
  • "Choice of Brewers"
  • Radegast Birell alcohol free bottled

Nonalcoholic drinks:

  • Coca-Cola, Capy jujce (according to the offer), Kinley (Tonic, Ginger, Rose)
  • Ice tea (according to the offer), Sprite, Bonaqua

Rum menu:

  • Diplomatico, Zacapa 23y, Republica, Don Papa,
  • El Comandante Exclusive, Eldorado 12y, Legendario Elixir,
  • Marama spiced, Ophium 12y, Presidente, Santos Dumont X.O
  • Tuzemák Bartida, Hispanico, Plantation, Pyrat X.O Reserve 

Whiskey, bourbon:

  • Jack Daniels (+Fire, Honey)
  • Jameson, Tullamore

Other alcoholic beverages:

  • Becherovka, Fernet, Jägermeister, Gin Beefeater,
  • Gin Beefeater Pink, Cherry liqueur, pepermint liqueur, Frisco cranberies


  • By the wine list

Hot drinks:

  • Espresso (+lungo), capuccino, latte, grog (hot watter with rum), boiled wine, tea